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About Insurance
The Personal Sentinel PA Version 3
Office Bearer's Liability
Group Personal Accident
Flexi PA
Autopac Cover
MedicaGen 200
Domestic Maid Insurance
Foreign Worker Comp. Scheme
Foreign Worker H & S Scheme
Motor Insurance
Fire Insurance
Burglary Insurance
Golfer's Insurance


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Motor Insurance coverage is issued in accordance with the provisions of 

  • The Road Transport Act, 1987 (Malaysia), 

  • The Motor Vehicles Act (CAP 189), Republic of Singapore and 

  • The Motor Vehicles Insurance Act (CAP 90), Negara Brunei Darussalam.

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Categories of MOTOR INSURANCE What you should know when buying motor insurance cover?
Types of Motor Insurance Coverage What you should know when making a claim?
All about NCD ..... include What is NCD? How much NCD are you entitled to? How to transfer NCD? Is it troublesome to transfer NCD? Motor Insurance PREMIUM ..... include Rates for Private Vehicle? How to calculate your basic Motor Insurance premium?
What is EXCESS? ..... include What is excess? Do you know that there is a Compulsory Excess? Short Period Coverage ..... include Rates for short period cover? Not exceeding 1 week to 8 months?
What to do after an ACCIDENT? Chain Collision Guideline ..... include who is responsible for who in a chain collision?
What is KFK-OD Claim? What is AGREED VALUE cover? ..... Endorsement 87
Claims Procedure ..... include Own Damage Claim, Windscreen Claim, KFK OD Claim and Theft Claim! Breakage of Glass in Windscreen, Window or Sunroof ..... Endorsement 89 - What is it?

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