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Vehicle No. 4


Vehicle No. 3


Vehicle No. 2


Vehicle No. 1

In the event of a Chain Collision as in the example above which involves 3 or more vehicles and in accordance to the Bank Negara guideline with effect from 3rd January 2001, it is determine that Vehicle No. 4 shall be responsible for the damage to Vehicle No. 3; 3 for 2; and 2 for 1.
In other words, as from 3rd January 2001 the guideline states that in the event of a chain collision the vehicle behind shall be responsible for the damage to the vehicle immediately in front.  If and should the collision of your vehicle to the back of the vehicle immediately in front is caused by the impact of the vehicle behind you, then the Third Party claimed against you by the vehicle owner in front will not affect your NCD benefit.

Note: The above is stated as to the best of our knowledge and is served as a general information only.  We take no responsibility for any misinformation.

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