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HOW DOES e-Cover Note WORK?

Vehicle owners can renew their motor insurance and ROAD TAX with Koo Agency as one of the authorised e-motor insurance providers that is linked-up to JPJ via our principal insurer's ICT network. To renew, just contact us by calling or SMS or WhatsApp 012-6597262, or simply email us as below. We will then make the necessary arrangement.

Once the vehicle owner confirmed and made the necessary payment by cash, online transfer or cash bank-in (KOO AGENCY MAYBANK Account No.: 5123-611-44-193 or ALLIANCE BANK Account No.: 1211-800-1000-4155). Koo Agency will then send via online the e-Cover Note to JPJ. Note: All motor insurance coverage is on a 'Cash-before-Cover' basis as directed by Bank Negara Malaysia.

JPJ will verify the e-Cover Note (e.g. Vehicle Registration No., NRIC No. or Company Registration No., Engine & Chassis no.) and return a confirmation to Koo Agency and policyholder will be notified.

When JPJ confirmation status is "OK", then.....

1) IF Road Tax Renewal Service IS REQUIRED, we will proceed to RENEW THE ROAD TAX via online (VEHICLE REGISTRATION CARD IS NOT REQUIRED for Private Own Vehicles Only) and your road tax will be arranged to be delivered to your preferred address (Note: Service charges apply for Road Tax renewal and delivery), or

2) IF Road Tax Renewal Service is NOT REQUIRED, then the vehicle owner can proceed to renew the road tax Online himself / herself or renew the road tax at the nearest JPJ office or any participating Post Office with the Original Vehicle Registration Card.


Vehicle owners are advised to be wary when purchasing insurance from illegal insurance agents who preys on innocent victims. Without a link to JPJ via the insurance companies they represent, illegal insurance agents cannot send e-Cover Note to JPJ and hence, the renewal of road tax will not be permitted without the record of e-Cover Note in JPJ's system.


WhatsApp or Call our Mobile Service Line 012-6597262 to renew your Motor Insurance!

or if you prefer, you may e-mail us at kooagency@yahoo.com

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