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Endorsement 89

Breakage of Glass in Windscreen, Window or Sunroof

In consideration of the payment of additional premium by You to the Insurer, the Insurer will pay the cost of REPLACING OR REPAIRING (with effect from 17th July 2006) any glass in the windscreen, window or sunroof including lamination / tinting film, if any, of Your Vehicle following breakage of such glass up to an amount not exceeding RM............ (the amount You insured for).

Provided no claim is made for any further damage to Your Vehicle, any claim under this endorsement shall not affect Your No Claim Discount (NCD) and You shall not be liable for any excess as stated in the policy.

This benefit shall automatically be terminated upon replacement of any glass in the windscreen, window or sunroof unless cover is reinstated by payment of a further additional premium.

You may however, exercise an option to REPAIR the damaged windscreen, window or sunroof of Your Vehicle. In the event You opt to REPAIR, the Insurer will continue to provide this benefit to You during the currency of this period for the amount as stated above:-

  1. Less any claim paid by the Insurer for the repair; or

  2. For the reinstated original amount provided You have paid to the Insurer a further additional premium for reinstatement.

Subject otherwise to the Terms and Conditions of this Policy.

Only Comprehensive policies may be extended in respect of breakage of glass in the windscreen or in the windows or sunroof including lamination / tinting film, if any, with a sum insured selected. In any event such claim is made, this shall be deemed not a claim for the purposes of the No Claim Discount (NCD).

In the event of any claim involving replacement of windscreen, window or sunroof under the extension, this benefit shall automatically be terminated unless reinstated by payment of a further additional premium.

If the Insured opts to repair, this benefit shall continue to attach until expiry without any additional premium and the sum insured shall be reduced by the cost of that repair. An additional premium of 15% is to be charged on the cost of repair should the Insured wish to restore cover to the original sum insured.


  • 15% of sum insured

  • Minimum Premium - RM30

  • (Endorsement 89 must be used)

NO refund shall be allowed for cancellation, unless the cancellation is effected together with the cancellation of the policy.

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