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If your car is involved in an accident:

  • Take note of the names and addresses of all drivers involved, make/model and registration numbers of each vehicle, the drivers' licence numbers, the insurance particulars and names and addresses of witnesses.

  • Make a police report within 24 hours and immediately notify your insurance company in writing with full details.

  • If your vehicle is damaged, you may either make an own damage claim or a third party claim: Own Damage Claim - making a claim against your own comprehensive policy. However, you will lose your NCD entitlement. Third Party Claim - if you are not at fault in the accident, you can submit the claim either directly to the insurance company of the party at fault, or if you have a comprehensive policy, to your own insurance company (KFKOD Claim) without losing your NCD entitlement. You are encouraged to submit your claim to your own insurance company for speedier claims processing.

  • For own damage claims, call your insurance company immediately for advice. If your insurance company recommends or requires that repairs be done at a panel/authorised workshop, then take your vehicle there as advised. Your insurance company will reject your claim if your vehicle is sent to a workshop that is not authorised by your insurance company. Your insurance company will send an insurance loss adjuster to assess the damage to your vehicle before authorising the repairs.


It is applied when in the course of repairing an accident-damaged vehicle (age of vehicle is five years and above), an old part is replaced with a new franchise part. You will have to bear the difference in cost (depending on the age of your vehicle) as your repaired is in a better condition than it was before the accident.


  • CART means a reasonable amount payable by third party insurance companies as compensation for loss of use of vehicle.

  • You can only claim for CART if you are not the party at fault in the accident.

  • The number of days allowed for CART is based on insurance loss adjuster's recommendation on the number of working days estimated to repair the accident-damaged vehicle and not the number of days the accident-damaged vehicle is at the workshop.

  • Where receipts are produced for vehicle rentals (only from a licensed car rental company), insurance companies shall pay the amount shown on the receipt and original car rental agreement, subject to the condition that the vehicle rented is of an equivalent model to that of the damaged vehicle. The number of days allowed is based on the insurance loss adjuster's recommendation on the number of working days estimated to repair the accident-damaged vehicle.


Motor Complaint

Submit to Complaints Unit (CU) of the insurance company concerned

If Satisfied, Complaint resolved

If Not Satisfied (seek advice from CU), Write to either:

  1. the Customer Service Bureau of Bank Negara Malaysia; or

  2. the Insurance Mediator at the Financial Mediation Bureau.

Alternatively, you could take your case to court.

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