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Self-Improvement Series

For All Sales People

by David Goh

About the author... David Goh

Acclaimed as Malaysia's Master Motivator, David Goh is truly a self-made man.  Starting his working life as a labourer as a result of his poor educational performance he has continually striven to improve himself and is now recognised as one of the leading motivational speakers in Asia.

Now a self-made millionaire, he truly did 'Step into the Future with Nothing' but his drive, personality, ambition, dedication, attitude and perseverance have seen 'nothing' transformed into something special.

He is a prolific author and is much sought after as a speaker in South East Asia, Australia, Taiwan, China and the USA, sharing platform with some of the worlds most eminent speakers.

Find out about his books.....

Making a Career

... Build a Solid Network today and develop a Steady Business for Tomorrow

Effective Sponsoring Skills

... A comprehensive approach to dialogue skills between distributors and their prospects

Secrets of a Top Sales Performer

... Self-Improvement Series for Salespeople

Start Selling Stop Order Taking

... Self-Improvement Series for Salespeople

Step into the Future with Nothing

... Self-Improvement Series for Salespersons

Blueprint for Greater Success

... Personal Development Series

40 Reasons why you lost that Sale

... Self-Improvement Series for Salespersons

52 ways to make more money in Network Marketing

... Management/Self-Improvement 

The making of a Super Salesperson

... Self-Improvement Series for Salespersons

What they say about David & his books?

Interested? You may write to dgoh1953@gmail.com

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