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by David Goh 

David Goh's rags-to-riches story is revealing, inspiring and captivating.  The reader is made to realise that the writer, born and bred not too far south of Kuala Lumpur, is far from boastful because he takes us through the whole gamut of hardship and suffering and only after years of toil and sweat does he see the silver lining in his life.

David's real-life story takes us through his early life where child labour reigns supreme, where child labour is a necessity and where education is of secondary importance.  When faced with failure, he is forced to opt for a labourer's job.  But one amazing fact stands out - his positive belief in himself coupled with a strong determination.  It is not surprising, then, that 'Step Into The Future With Nothing' leads us into the absorbing field of motivation.  Armed with the wealth of experience and wisdom of a large number of mentors, he plunges into public speaking with a frenzy hard to match and which has brought him rewards and made him one of the most well-known motivators in this region.

The reader will not be only engrossed by his story but will also be captivated by his indomitable spirit of determination and enthusiasm.

This book is a must for all salespeople in direct selling, multi-level marketing, and all others who have set goals and want to achieve something worthwhile in life..

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