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EFFECTIVE SPONSORING SKILLS ... A comprehensive approach to dialogue skills between distributors and their prospects

by David Goh 2001, David Goh

Effective Sponsoring Skills

The business of network marketing depends critically on the art of sponsoring.  David Goh, with years of experience behind him, recognises the importance of sharpening one's skills for effective dialogue and the need to brush up one's knowledge of the basic tools of marketing and selling.  His book provides a step-by-step method for effective sponsoring skills.

A trainer and speaker by profession, David Goh has been in this industry for the past 23 years.  He has been invited to share the platform with some of the greatest speakers in the world: Joe Girard, America's sales wizard; Robert Pecor, Nido Qubein, Dr Denis Waitely, the late Dr Norman Vincent Peale, and many others.  As a speaker, David has been rated as one of the best in the circuit, keeping his audience spellbound and enthused.

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