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by David Goh

A book that will both move and motivate you!  Is 'The Secrets of a Top Sales Performer' a true story?  Well, in so far as the physical existence of the character named Britson is concerned, this is a work of fiction, but in as much as most of us have come across people like Britson and maybe even Redd then it is a work of fact.

This book shows how it is possible, despite having reached rock bottom in your career, relationship or life as a whole, to find the inspiration and motivation to climb back to the top.

'The Secrets of a Top Sales Performer' does not offer a 'quick-fix' or a '50 minute' self-management miracle.  What it does provide are twenty six tried and tested steps that require commitment and dedication from you.  When combined, however, they are sure to put you on the path to success.

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