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3/10/00 "The treatment with poison medicines comes from the West." Huang Ti (The Yellow Emperor; 2697BC - 2597BC), Nei Ching Su Wen, Book 4 CFS, Bukit Katil Melaka, Malaysia
15/9/00 "In a good surgeon, a hawk's eye: a lion's heart: and a lady's hand." Anonymous Peter, USJ 18, Malaysia
3/9/00 "DENTIST, n. A prestidigitator who, putting metal into your mouth, pulls coins out of your pocket." Ambrose Bierce, US writer and journalist, The Devil's Dictionary Koo from kooagency, Malaysia
18/8/00 "Medical statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is interesting but what they conceal is vital" Anonymous Koo from kooagency, Malaysia
18/8/00 "I have seen many a man turn his gold into smoke, but you are the first who has turned smoke into gold" Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) Queen of England speaking to Sir Walter Raleigh Ben Lee, Sembawang, Singapore
16/8/00 "If sex is such a natural phenomenon, how come there are so many books on how to?" Bette Midler, US actress & comedienne Johnny, Kuching, Malaysia
16/8/00 "There's nothing wrong with going to bed with somebody of your own sex. People should be very free with sex - they should draw the line at goats" Elton John (1947-  ) British rock pianist & singer Johnny, Kuching, Malaysia
15/8/00 "If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia. If the dead talk to you, you are a spiritualist; if God talks to you, you are a schizophrenic" Thomas Szasz, US psychiatrist and writer TMY, Kajang, Malaysia
1/8/00 "Masturbation: the primary sexual activity of mankind. In the 19th century it was a disease; in the 20th it's a cure" Thomas Szasz, US psychiatrist and writer TMY, Kajang, Malaysia
1/8/00 "Gout, n. A physician's name for the rheumatism of a rich patient" Ambrose Bierce, US writer and journalist Koo, from kooagency, Malaysia
1/8/00 "I know making love does make people happy but for me it is just like having a cup of tea" Cynthia Payne, British housewife. After her acquittal on a charge of controlling prostitutes in a famous 'sex for luncheon vouchers' case, 8 Nov 1987 Johnny, Kuching, Malaysia
1/8/00 "It is the duty of a doctor to prolong life. It is not his duty to prolong the act of dying" Lord Thomas Horder, Speech in the House of Lords, Dec 1936 Andrew Tan, Puchong Intan, Malaysia
27/7/00 "Psychiatrist: A man who asks you a lot of expensive questions which your wife asks you for nothing" A friend jokingly told me Dr. Fernando D., Subang, Malaysia
27/7/00 "An adult is defined as one who has ceased to grow vertically but not horizontally" Anonymous Dr. Peter Toh, Sunway, Malaysia
21/7/00 "A neurotic is the man who builds a castle in the air. A psychotic is the man who lives in it. And a psychiatrist is the man who collects the rent"

Lord Robert Webb-Johnstone (1879-   ) Collected papers

Andrew Tan, Puchong Intan, Malaysia
20/7/00 "Physicians, like beer, are best when they are old" Thomas Fuller, English Historian Amy, USJ 13/1E, Malaysia
13/7/00 "Death is the greatest kick of all, that's why they save it for last" Robert Raisner, graffiti on 'Death' Koo, from kooagency, Malaysia
10/7/00 "The best contraceptive is a glass of cold water: not before or after, but instead" Anonymous, a delegate at Intl. Planned Parenthood Fed. Conference TMY, Kajang, Malaysia

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