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27/11/02 "IF the teachers know the answer, then why do they ask these questions?" Sikander Rasheed, Toronto, Canada Sikander, Canada
20/10/00 "Ini Ayappan - tahu! Sekali goa hentam lu orang semua hancur dan gigi berlumba-lumba terbang!" A.R. Ayappan, Malaysian Indian comedian (1931 - 2000) CFS, Melaka, Malaysia
16/8/00 "The operation was successful - but the patient died" Anonymous, overheard an actual conversation between a doctor and a nurse at HUKM, Cheras Koo from kooagency, Malaysia
15/8/00 "If you wish to quit smoking, first you have to wish for a disease.  Which wish do you now wish to fulfill first?" Anonymous, One of the ways to quit smoking Violet, Bandar Sunway, Malaysia
2/8/00 "To avoid delay, please have all your symptoms ready" Anonymous, Notice in a doctor's waiting-room Jenny Toh, SS 12 Subang, Malaysia
1/8/00 "We drink to one another's health and spoil our own" Jerome K. Jerome, British humorous writer Koo, from kooagency, Malaysia
10/7/00 "There is only one cure for gray hair. It was invented by a Frenchman. It is called the 'guillotine'" P.G. Wodehouse (1881-1975), US humorous writer Koo, from kooagency, Malaysia
7/7/00 "I so good and interesting to report or comment about the thing and situation or place under MPSJ. Thanks for yours good works and give it up in future and yours best services" exact extract from a 'Comment to MPSJ' web page, 4/6/00 8:58:14 pm Koo, from kooagency, Malaysia
5/7/00 "Man will always be mad and those who think they can cure them are the maddest of all" Voltaire, French writer Raymond, France

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