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1 Accidental Death - Pays the full principal death sum assured in the event of Death due to an accident.
2 Accidental Permanent Disablement - Pays up to the full principal permanent disablement sum assured in the event of Permanent Disablement due to an accident depending on the percentage as stated in the Schedule of Permanent Disablement Benefits.
3 Medical Expenses - Reimburse medical expenses up to the amount stated inclusive of hospital room and board, clinical, outpatient and surgical treatment. Should there be any claim been made under benefit 1 and 2 (a. - g.), Medical Expenses benefit will not be payable.
4 Traveling Allowance - Pays RM10 per day being payment of traveling expenses to and from the hospital which is incurred by natural parents up to a maximum of RM500 per accident should the insured/pupil is hospitalised as a result of an accident.
5 Funeral Allowance (Accidental Death only) - Pays an additional of RM2,000 in the event of Accidental Death.
6 Hospital Cash Allowance - Pays RM50 per day up to a maximum of 60 days per accident should the insured is hospitalised due to an accident.
Annual Premium: ONLY RM10 per student

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