All you want to know about... TRAVELPAC


  • All Malaysians, Permanent Residents, Work Permit/Employment Pass Holders or otherwise legally employed persons in Malaysia and their dependents are eligible to apply.

  • This policy is a round trip commencing in and returning to Malaysia, each trip not exceeding 182 days except for Annual Cover where each trip shall not exceed 90 days.

  • The insurance will not be effective until and unless the premium payable has been paid.

  • All Insured Persons must be in good health and not travelling contrary to the advice of a Medical Practitioner or for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment.

  • Any Child Insured Person under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian during the trip.

  • At the time of scheduling the trip and/or effecting this insurance neither you nor any other Insured Person is aware of any circumstances which are likely to lead to cancellation or curtailment of the trip.

  • Upon submitting the application for this insurance, none of the Insured Persons have already left Malaysia for any trip meant to be covered by this insurance.

  • The description of benefits are a brief summary for quick and easy reference only. Please refer to the Policy Contract for full details of benefits, terms, exclusions and conditions.

  • In the event of discrepancy, ambiguity and conflict in interpreting any terms or conditions, the English version shall prevail and supersede the Bahasa Malaysia version.


It is a Special Warranty in this policy that any persons who travel on a daily basis or up to weekly basis to the same neighbouring country for employment / business purposes will not be entitled to any benefits under this policy.

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