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SPECIFIC EXCLUSIONS (Applicable to Section 8 to 12)

The Company and/or Service Provider SHALL NOT be liable for:-

  1. Services rendered without the authorisation and/or intervention of the service provider

  2. Services provided by any party other than the service provider for which no charge is usually made

  3. Medical treatment administered by relatives whether qualified or not

  4. Costs which would have been payable if the event giving rise to the intervention of the service provider had not occurred

  5. Any expense more specifically covered in whole or in part under any other insurance policy, except for its rateable proportion thereof

  6. Minor illness or injury which in the opinion of the service provider's Medical Practitioner can be adequately treated locally and which do not prevent the Insured Person from continuing the travel

  7. Expenses incurred where in the opinion of the service provider's Medical Practitioner, the Insured Person is physically able to return to Malaysia sitting as a formal passenger and without medical escort

  8. All circumstances described under the General Exclusions of this Policy.


  • War and related risks
  • Government Regulations or Acts or Authorities of any country
  • Hazardous Adventure (except for benefits under Section 35)
  • Suicide, Self-inflicted injury or illness
  • The effects or influence (temporary or otherwise) of alcohol or drugs
  • Pre-existing condition
  • Illness or disorders of psychological nature, any anxiety state and/or nervous depressions and mental illness
  • Destruction of property by order of any public authority
  • Manual work in connection with any trade, employment or profession
  • Travelling in an aircraft (other than as a passenger in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft and for no other purpose)
  • All the benefits under the various Sections of the Annual Plans will not respond if the Special Warranty is not fulfilled

Please refer to Policy Contract for the full list.

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