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All you want to know about... SmartLife Pro

SmartLife Pro

Celebrating life to the fullest!


SmartLife Pro offers you.....








Everything you hold in your life is precious; as an entrepreneur, you want to work towards success with as little worry as possible. At home, you want your family to be safe and secure, to share your journey through life. We understand your need for a quality life; trust us to lead you into a journey that will open your eyes to how much more precious your life can be.
What is SmartLife Pro?

MAA's SmartLife Pro provides you guaranteed whole life protection up to age 100 with basic coverage of Death and Total Permanent Disability, Maturity Benefit and Guaranteed Cash Value. The beauty of SmartLife Pro is that the sum assured increases at 2% of the initial sum assured every year until it reaches 130% of the initial sum assured.


Guaranteed Lifetime Coverage

It provides you with whole life coverage until age 100.... guaranteed!

Guaranteed Increasing Sum Assured

The uniqeness of SmartLife Pro is that it offers you a guaranteed sum assured which increases at 2% of the initial sum assured every year until it reaches 130% of the initial sum assured and then remains level thereafter until policy maturity.

Guaranteed Maturity Benefit

At policy maturity (Insured's Age 100), 130% of the initial sum assured is payable to you provided that no claim has been made on the policy before.

Guaranteed Premium

With SmartLife Pro, basic premiums are payable and guaranteed to remain unchanged up to age 100. You have the flexibility to pay premiums monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually.

Protect Your Financial Security

  1. Long-Term Protection for You and Your Loved Ones - In the unfortunate event of loss of life, it protects your family's financial future by paying your dependent a guaranteed *death benefit. The proceeds can ease your family's financial burden, giving you peace of mind.

  2. Long-Term Protection for Business Entrepreneur - In the unfortunate event of loss of a key person or business partner, the cost of finding and training a successor, the loss of business goodwill and debts would occur to business. The *death benefit available will ease the financial strain of the business.

* Death from suicide within one (1) year from the issue date or date of reinstatement, whichever is later, whether the Insured is sane or insane, shall limit the Company's liability to the return of premiums paid without interest, less any indebtedness and the policy shall be terminated.

Protection Against Total And Permanent Disability (TPD)

In the event of **TPD before the life assured attains age 60, it pays you the ***sum assured. In the event of subsequent loss of life after a TPD claim, only the balance of the sum assured (if any) will be payable.

**TPD - This plan excludes any diability caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly, by any of the following occurences:

  1. Self-destruction or any attempt thereat while sane or insane

  2. Military or naval service in time of declared or undeclared war or while under orders for warlike operations or restoration of public order
  3. Entering, operating or servicing, riding in or on, ascending or descending from or with any aerial device or conveyance except while the Insured is in an aircraft operated by a commercial passenger airline on a regular scheduled passenger trip over its established passenger route.

***Sum Assured - Sum assured payable is fixed at point of TPD and will no longer increase by 2% every year. The sum assured is payable according to the terms and conditions of the policy contract.

Enhance Your Protection with Optional Benefits

Because we understand your need for flexibility, we have given you the option to tailor the plan to suit your particular lifestyle by making a whole range of benefits available - just for you!

You may customise the following benefit to suit your lifestyle:-

Coverage Description
BASIC PROTECTION Increasing your coverage yearly as provided in the plan
36 CRITICAL ILLNESSES This optional rider provides coverage on critical illnesses
ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT This optional rider provides additional benefits int he event of death or loss of sight or dismemberment resulting from accident. #Double indemnity is payable if loss occurs in public building and transportation. #Double Indemnity if the loss is sustained:
  1. While the Insured is a passenger within any mechanically propelled non-aerial public conveyance over an established land route; or

  2. While the Insured is in an elevator car (elevators in mines and construction sites excluded); or
  3. In consequence of the burning of any theatre, hotel or other public building in which the Insured shall be at the commencement of the fire.
FAMILY INCOME BENEFIT This optional rider provides monthly income for your loved ones or business partner in the event the Insured dies (depending on the duration selected from 10 to 21 years)
More About MAA SmartLife Pro
  1. What is the minimum and maximum sum assured for this plan? The minimum sum assured is RM25,000; maximum sum assured is subject to underwriting approval.
  2. Who is elegible? You can be insured with SmartLife Pro if you are between 30 days and 65 years old (last birthday age).
You may request for a SmartLife Pro proposal by just emailing us the following detail of you and/or your child/children (if for child proposal):-
  • Date of Birth,
  • Sex,
  • Occupation,
  • Smoker or Non-smoker, and
  • Your Preferred Sum Assured.

Note: All the above is for general information only. It is not a contract of insurance. For further information, reference should be made to the terms and conditions specified in the policy issued by the insurance company.

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