All you want to know about... Zurich Senior Gold

Senior Gold Plan

  • Specially for Seniors age 50 to 80 years old (last birthday)
  • Hassle free... NO MEDICAL CHECK UP
  • Affordable premium as low as RM50 per month
  • Premium does not increase with age
  • Best coverage - Natural & Accidental Death Benefits
  • Coverage Renewable up to 100 years old
  • Guaranteed Cash Payment
  • 24-hour Protection Worldwide
  • Repatriation Benefits up to RM3,000
  • High Entry Age
You've worked hard all your life to create a comfortable life for your loved ones. Now, it's your turn to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Let Senior Gold make your retirement years a lot more comfortable and peaceful. From only RM50 per month, you can enjoy great benefits from a product that caters for your specific needs; super benefits at an unbeatable price you can enjoy at any time, anywhere in the world! So, for a worry-free life, get Senior Gold. After all, you've earned the right to enjoy the best life has to offer!

If you wish to apply for the Senior GOLD cover, just instruct us by e-mail including the following details:-

  • Insured's Date of Birth,
  • Insured's Sex,
  • Preferred Premium Amount and Mode of Payment (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually or Yearly)
  • Your Preferred Correspondence Address
  • How would you like to make your initial premium payment? (By Credit Card or Cheque or Direct Bank-in to Alliance Bank) Payment by CASH is not recommended.
  • How would you like us to contact you?

Call our Mobile Service Line 012-6597262 for an appointment!

or if you prefer, you may e-mail us at

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