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Pursuant to your interest in our Personal Accident Products, you are advised to read through the information below which explains to you the important features of our Personal Accident policies, so that you will be able to make an informed decision before purchasing the policy.

  1. You are to disclose all the facts which you know, otherwise the policy maybe be void and Company may refuse your claim in the event of loss.

  2. It is important that you complete the proposal form accurately yourself. Delegating the task to the intermediary will not absolve you from the responsibility of the information disclosed in the form.

Period of Coverage

The period of coverage for Personal Accident policy is not exceeding 12 months.

Notice of Termination/Cancellation

  1. Termination/Cancellation by the Insured - The insurance may be cancelled at any time by you in writing to the Company. The premium refund due to you is subject to calculation of short period insurance where applicable.

  2. Termination/Cancellation by the Company - The insurance also may be cancelled by the Company by serving seven (7) days notice in writing to you. In the event premium has been paid for any period beyond the date of termination of the policy, the pro-rata premium shall be refunded to you provided that no claim has been made during the current period of insurance.
Claims Procedure
  1. Notice of injury must be given in writing to the Company within thirty (30) days after the occurrence. The Company, upon receipt of such notice, shall furnish you with a claim form for filing of proof of claim.

  2. In case of death, reasonable notice shall be given to the Company before burial or cremation.

All certificates, information and evidence required by the Company shall be furnished by you or your legal representative and shall be in such form the Company may prescribe.

Complaints Procedure

Should there be any complaints, you may call ZURICH Call Centre at 1-300-888-622 or 03-21469999.

In the event of a claim dispute, you may redress to the Customer Service Bureau of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) or The Financial Mediation Bureau (FMB) for arbitration and decision.

It is important for you to read the policy carefully, and if any error or misdescription be found herein, or if the cover is not in accordance with your wishes, advise should at once be given to the Company and the Policy returned for attention.

You may refer to the Consumer Education Programme booklet or the website, should you need further information on insurance.


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