The Medical (Amendment)  Act 2012 makes it legally compulsory for all doctors to produce evidence of Professional Indemnity cover when applying for their Annual Practicing Certificate. This said Act is effective in the year 2019.

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  • First locally underwritten Medical Indemnity Scheme, initiated by doctors in 1994 and extended to Dentist and Pharmacist in 2003.
  • Can provide Full *Retroactive cover at no additional cost. *For Retroactive cover, kindly furnish a copy of your previous policy schedule for underwriting purposes.
  • Estates and Legal Representatives of members are also covered.
  • Provides advice and assistance with representation when necessary at Malaysian Medical Council disciplinary hearings.
  • Provides cover for Good Samaritan Acts.
  • Provides Locum extension cover.
  • Provides Medico - Legal assistance and support.
  • Provides Indemnity Cover to Freelance and Government Doctors as Locums


Limit of Liability (RM)

Premium (RM) inclusive of 6% SST & Stamp Duty

1) Government Doctors cover for Legal Advice / Representation in Professional Bodies (non-indemnity) 500,000 540.00
2) Government Doctors providing Locum Services

  a) In General Practices (GP Clinics)

  1. Core Services
  2. Core Services and Procedures
  b) Private Hospital
  1. Outpatient Services
  2. ED (Emergency Department)


a) GP Clinics

  1. 1,000,000
  2. 1,000,000

b) Private Hospital

  1. 1,000,000
  2. 1,000,000

 a) GP Clinics

  1. 752.00
  2. 964.00

b) Private Hospital

  1. 964.00
  2. 1,282.00
PRIVATE MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS Limit of Liability (RM) Premium (RM) inclusive of 6% SST & Stamp Duty
1) Core Services
  1. 1,000,000
  2. 1,000,000 with locum extension
  1. 1,017.00
  2. 1,388.00 with locum extension
2) Core Services with Procedures
  1. 2,000,000
  2. 2,000,000 with locum extension
  1. 1,335.00
  2. 1,812.00 with locum extension
3) Asthetic / Complimentary / Alternative Practice (to enclose accreditation by MOH (Ministry of Health)
  1. 2,000,000
  2. 3,000,000
  1. 2,342.00
  2. 2,872.00
4) Low Risk Specialize

  a) Occupational Health Physicians / Family Physicians

  b) General Physicians

  c) Dermatology : Non-Cosmetic

  d) Paediatrics : Non-Neonatal (first 30 days of life)

  e) Pathology

  f) Psychiatry

  g) Endocrinology

  h) Rehab, Medicine

  i) Infection Diseases

  j) Geriatrics

  k) Radiology (Non Interventional)

  1. 1,000,000
  2. 1,000,000 with locum extension
  3. 2,000,000
  4. 2,000,000 with locum extension
  1. 1,812.00
  2. 2,289.00 with locum extension
  3. 2,554.00
  4. 3,137.00 with locum extension
5) Office Gynaecology (To provide list of services rendered)
  1. 1,000,000
  2. 2,000,000
  1. 7,960.00
  2. 10,610.00
  • IS COVERAGE PROVIDED ON AN OCCURRENCE BASIS OR CLAIMS MADE BASIS? The coverage afforded by this scheme is on a claims made basis - meaning indemnity is provided for claims made against you while you are a member of this scheme. You are encouraged to continue being a member of our scheme, as we provide retroactive cover for services that you may have provided for in the past (from the effective date of cover), but being sued during the period the policy is in force. Furthermore, the scheme also offers continuum of cover for members of the scheme who retire or completely cease practice. Therefore, the coverage afforded is comprehensive and meets the requirement of the General Medical Practitioner.
  • IN THE EVENT OF A CLAIM AGAINST ME, WHAT DO I DO AND DO I BEAR ANYTHING? Unlike other insurance policies, there is no excess applicable. In the event of a claim or if you are aware of a potential claim, you have to immediately notify the The Claims Manager (Non-Motor Department).
  • HOW DO I JOIN THIS SCHEME? Just complete the simple "Proposal Form For General Medical Practitioners" and you may i) EMAIL ( the completed form together with a copy of your Permanent Registration Certificate and the current Annual Practicing Certificate; or ii) WHATSAPP the same to 012-6597262.
  • HOW DO I PAY? You may pay by i) VISA / MASTER CREDIT CARD by simply completing the Payment Options section in the Proposal Form; or ii) ONLINE TRANSFER to our Koo Agency Maybank Account No.: 5123-611-44-193.

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