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  • Fire Insurance
  • Fire Consequential Loss Insurance
  • Equipment All Risks Insurance
  • Burglary Insurance
  • Money Insurance
  • Plate Glass Insurance
  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Group PA Insurance
  • Keyman PA Insurance
  • Group Term Life Insurance

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All-in-one solution for small business protection.

When your business is your passion, you’ll want only the best way to protect it. Whether it is protection for your employees or your business, Optimuz is your one-stop solution.

Quotations and policies are issued quickly and conveniently so you have one less thing to worry about. The best part is, you get to choose as many products as you see fit to match all your business needs. All you do is decide which of the following products will suit your business requirements. Then we will immediately finalise the all-in-one Optimuz solution, just for you.


Optimuz is time-saving and convenient since all quotations and policies are issued on the spot.


Optimuz gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the coverage that you need with Fire Insurance being the main protection.


You can also be assured of efficient service from our dedicated agents and prompt response from our Zurich Call Centre.


Fireproof your business.

You can’t stay cool about a fire. Fires can eradicate entire businesses. And it can happen to you. So make sure you cover loss and damage to your business premises and its contents, as a result of fire or lightning or domestic explosions. Depending on your needs, our basic policy can be enhanced to cover other causes of loss such as flood, earthquakes and even riot and strikes.


Ensure the continuity of your business.

Fire can cause irreversible losses, not just material but financial. Fire Consequential Loss Insurance offers additional insurance to help cover those losses that occur because your business can’t get back on track after a fire. It takes into consideration losses such as loss of Gross Profit due to turnover reduction, increase in working cost and additional expenses incurred as a result of business interruption caused by fire.


Because when your machinery stops, so does business.

Getting an insurance cover for industrial machinery and commercial equipment which are vital to your business is a must. Equipment All Risks Insurance protects both mobile as well as immobile equipment such as printing machines and food packaging machines, among others. Your fleet of tractors, forklifts, bulldozers which are not licensed for general road use, can be covered against accidental collision, overturning, theft and malicious acts.


Crime doesn’t pay. We do.

Burglaries and theft happen when you least expect it, so be prepared. A basic coverage for loss of and damage to valuable items that are stored in your business premises due to theft by forcible entry and armed robbery is advisable for all businesses.


Money comes and goes. Make sure it comes more than it goes.

You work hard to make more money, so you certainly won't want to risk losing your cash. Money Insurance covers loss of money as a result of burglary or robbery. Money Insurance covers Money in Transit, such as cash sales, on your way to the bank or money withdrawn for wages, on the way back to your office. It also covers loss of Money in Premises, which means cash, cheques, postal or money order, stamps and bills of exchange stolen from you business premises.


Coverage that won’t crack under pressure.

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! Take it literally, as it can cost you a small fortune to replace any glass structure. Plate Glass Insurance is specially designed for businesses with glass doors , windows, glass panels and showcases. It covers accidental breakage of glass in the premises but does not cover disfiguration or damage other than fractures extending through the entire thickness of the glass.


The next best policy.

It's a sound policy - not to take honesty for granted.Though you trust your employees, we suggest you lessen your risk of loss of monies, negotiable instruments or company goods as a result of employee dishonesty or fraud.


Accidents happen. Strike a deal with it.

Should an accident happen on your business premises, and someone - a child, a customer or a visitor - is hurt or injured, you could be held responsible. Public Liability Insurance is what you need to deal with compensation claims your business may face under these circumstances.


Protect your employees 24/7.

Employees are the life of your business. Provide them the protection they deserve. Give them the benefit of 24-hour protection against any accidental injury , anywhere in the world.


Protect the key person.

In every organisation, there are individuals who are vital to the success of the business, and its day-to-day operations. Protect them at all costs. With Keyman Personal Accident Insurance, your business will also be compensated for the financial impact of losing these personnel in an accident.


A great team deserves great benefits.

You need the right plans to retain the best teams. Employee First is a yearly renewable group term life insurance policy that truly cares for your employees’ welfare and well being. It offers 7 different plans to suit your requirements. It covers death, accidental death and disablement (ADD), total and permanent disability and much more. In fact, the ADD benefits provide coverage up to an additional 400% of the plan's basic sum assured.

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