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  Don't let the rising medical costs bring you down

Your life is always precious, especially to your loved ones. It's a sad reality but life can be changed forever through a freak accident, a sudden heart attack or a dread disease. Its effects can be devastating, especially on your family! So, don't let yourself be caught unprepared for these sudden mishaps.

Protect yourself against the rising cost of medical treatment with MedicaGen 200.

MedicaGen 200 prepares you for these costly expenses and ensures comprehensive coverage in medical, surgical and hospital costs, ambulance fees and other related medical charges.

MedicaGen 200 also provides protection against accident and death. All policyholders of MedicaGen 200 will be enrolled as members of a MCO (Managed Care Organisation).

One of the MCO roles is to facilitate your convenient admission to and discharge from participating hospitals. MedicaGen 200 offers you a way to be free of the usual hassle in claims procedures through the issuance of a Medical Card. Use this Medical Card for immediate hospital admission and on discharge, you only need to settle the amount for co-insurance (if applicable only) and excess charges, if any.

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