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MedicaGen 200 Medical Card

As a policyholder, just present the card at any participating hospital to facilitate your hospital admission.

Wide Acceptance of MedicaGen 200 Medical Card

The MedicaGen 200 Medical Card is accepted by participating hospitals nationwide (see list of current Participating Hospitals).  These hospitals have been invited to participate as "Member Choice Hospitals" and offer certain privileges and benefits to our policyholders on admission.

MedicaGen 200 24-Hour Call Centre

Membership entitles you to a 24-hour assistance on medical referrals, monitoring and other travel information both locally and overseas.  It's just a phone call away.  Toll Free: 1-800-88-2318.

MedicaGen 200 Easy Claims

Don't worry about preparing and submitting claims because all expenses under the MedicaGen 200 will be paid directly to the participating hospitals. No more hefty bills. MedicaGen 200 makes it easy for all policyholders when they need it most.


  • High Annual Limits and Lifetime Limits

  • Guaranteed Renewal (up to age 75)

  • No restrictive Surgical Schedule

  • No difference in Premiums for Males and Females

  • Day Surgery

  • Out-Patient Cancer Treatment and Kidney Dialysis

  • Home Nursing Care

  • Lodger's Expenses

  • Medical Report Fee


Pays up to the amount shown as per schedule of benefits in the event of accidental death or Partial and Permanent Disability.

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