Important Information on the Purchase of SKHPPA

In view of increasing Hospital & Surgical charges, this scheme is specially designed by ZURICH Insurance Malaysia Berhad to reduce financial burden of the Employers of foreign workers in the event of hospital admission of their foreign workers due to accident or illness.


This page contains important information about the SKHPPA. You should read all the information carefully to make sure that you fully understand it and that it meets your needs. You are advised to read through the list below which explains the essential features of the SKHPPA so that you are able to make an informed decision before purchasing the policy.

  1. The benefits payable under the policy are highlighted in the "Description of Benefits/Coverage".
  2. This is a yearly renewable plan, whereby premiums and benefits are subject to review from time to time. Any changes to benefits and premium can only be imposed by ZURICH Insurance Malaysia Berhad on policy anniversary with 30 days written notice based on the emerging claims experience of the portfolio.
  3. Cover ceases from the time your foreign worker leaves Malaysia and resumes upon his/her return to Malaysia.

The policy shall become effective as of the date stated in the Schedule. The Policy Anniversary shall be one (1) year after the effective date and annually thereafter. On each such anniversary, the Policy is renewable at the premium rates in effect at that time as notified by the Company.

The policy is renewable at the option of the Company. In relation to policies which will not be renewed, or for which renewal is to be deferred, the Company shall notify the Policyholder / Insured Person of its decision to decline or defer renewal, together with reasons where appropriate, at least thirty (30) days before the policy anniversary date.


PRE-EXISTING ILLNESS shall be limited to disabilities which existed before the effective date of cover and for which the Insured Person should have reasonably been aware of. An Insured Person may be considered to have reasonable knowledge of a pre-existing condition where the condition is one for which:-

  1. the Insured Person had received or is receiving treatment;
  2. medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment has been recommended;
  3. clear and distinct symptoms are or were evident; or
  4. its existence would have been apparent to a reasonable person in the circumstances.

SPECIFIED ILLNESSES shall mean the following disabilities and its related complications, occurring within the first 120 days of Insurance of the Insured Person:-

  1. Cardiovascular disease
  2. All Cancers

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