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Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme

FWCS provides coverage for accidents to the foreign workers with the following benefits:

1. BENEFITS as provided under the Workmen's Compensation Act 1952 -

  1. Accidental Death due to employment injury. (Benefit increased to RM25,000 maximum under FWCS) - Workmen's Compensation up to RM18,000. Personal Accident for Death & Permanent Disablement up to RM7,000.

  2. Permanent Total Disablement

  3. Permanent Partial Disablement - as per Permanent Disablement Table under First Schedule of the Act

  4. Temporary Total Disablement

  5. Temporary Partial Disablement

  6. Hospitalisation and Medical Expenses

  7. Occupational Diseases as per Second Schedule of the Act

2. REPATRIATION EXPENSES to send back the foreign workers to their country of origin up to an amount of RM4,800 in the event of Death or Permanent Total Disablement

3. PERSONAL ACCIDENT outside working hours for Death and Permanent Disablement up to RM23,000.

FWCS will also provide each foreign worker an identification card (ID Card) on the insurance coverage.

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