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Pay 8 years only for assured 20-year coverage!

Zurich Favour8 - Benefits and features
Pay 8 years only for assured 20-year coverage

Unlike regular life insurance plans where you pay premiums until the maturity of your policy, Zurich Favour8 is an attractive plan that requires you to pay your premiums for 8 years only. For a relatively short term commitment, you get to enjoy long term cash savings and protection over 20 years. 

Guaranteed cash back that grows your savings

Under Zurich Favour8, you will receive Guaranteed Cash Back yearly starting from the end of your 1st policy year up till the end of your 20th policy year. Best of all, these generous cash payouts throughout the policy term will add up to 120% of your policy's basic sum assured, and do not affect the sum of your policy's maturity benefits.

Guaranteed maturity benefit promises 128% of the basic sum assured

Upon maturity of your Zurich Favour8, you will receive a lump sum payment comprising of 128% of the basic sum assured. To top it off, you may also receive a payout from your policy's Investment Account Value (under Zurich Favour8 Saver) depending on the underlying performance of the Investment-linked funds. Use your maturity benefit for a dream vacation or save it as your retirement fund. The choice is yours!

Stay protected as you watch your savings grow

Apart from financial gains, Zurich Favour8 also covers you against the unexpected. Should Death or TPD occurs before the policy matures, the Basic Sum Assured or 100% of the total premiums paid (excluding loading) for your Zurich Faour8 Basic (after deduction of total guaranteed cash back paid out, if any), whichever is higher, will be paid out. You will also receive the Investment Account Value under Zurich Favour8 Saver, if any.

70/30 balance that helps to boost your funds further

Zurich Favour8 delivers what it promises and more. While 70% of the total premiums paid (excluding loading) are for your Zurich Favour8 Basic, 30% of the total premiums paid are for Zurich Favour8 Saver to make your money work harder. The premium under Zurich Favour8 Saver will be invested equally into two professional managed Investment-linked funds at 95% allocation rate. The allocated premium will be used to purchase units in the two designated funds (Zurich Vulture Fund & Zurich Global Edge Fund) for Zurich Favour8 Saver.

Death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefits

If you wish to apply for the Zurich Favour8 coverage, just instruct us by e-mail or call / SMS / Whatsapp 012-6597262 for an absolutely NO obligation appointment.

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